Solution for UVa 162 – Beggar My Neighbour

Solution for problem UVa 162 – Beggar My Neighbour from UVa Online Judge website.

Sometimes I stuck solving some problems from there (usually because my code either add unneeded new line or doesn’t add needed new line and I am finding what is wrong by trial and error), so here is working solution for UVa 162 – Beggar My Neighbour that can save you time if you encounter some strange Wrong Answer or NZEC errors. Continue reading

Solution for “Empty and Divide” problem

Problem statement:

There are two boxes. Initially, one box contains m chips and the other contains n chips. Such a position is denoted by (m,n), where m > 0 and n > 0. The two players alternate moving. A move consists of emptying one of the boxes, and dividing the contents of the other between the two boxes with at least one chip in each box. There is a unique terminal position, namely (1, 1). Last player to move wins. Find all P-positions.

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